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Welcome back – early 2019/20 season open meets

Welcome back to the 19/20 season.  It will be great to get back into training and competitions. 
We are now taking entries for the following open meets:  
 22nd Sept Littlehampton L3  cost is £6 per swim (ideal for the vast majority of swimmers)   https://www.littlehamptonswimmingclub.com/competitions/open-meets/county_qualifier/
29th Sept  James Moreno Southampton L2 has minimum qualifying times (need to be faster than)  £7 per swim 
Closing date to Val – valgard@ymail.com   is Thurs 5th Sept at the very latest.  Please make sure you send the following information
Name of open meet
Swimmers full name
Swim England Registration no.
Events wishing to swim and best times (found on individual biogs)
Once entries have been confirmed by the meet, you will be notified of the amount owed to SSC, please pay by BACS transfer.
We are also taking entries for the Rushmore Royals L3 meet on the 5th/6th Oct.  https://uk.teamunify.com/SubTabGeneric.jsp?team=serrsc&_stabid_=156726
Closing date to Val is 24th September, please provide the same information as above.