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Joining Squads from lessons

If you have been told by your teacher that are moving from lessons to squads congratulations you have reached a swimming standard that means you can join the Junior squad.

As we bring new swimmers into squads we may recommend specific sessions only to allow you to build up stamina to complete the longer sessions.

We aim to start sessions as soon as possible once the pool it set up with it’s lane ropes and flags so please ensure you are ready for training being on poolside 5 minutes before session is due to start with and make sure you bring a drink.  

In sessions we also regularly use pull bouys and fins which we ask swimmers to buy. (It is not essential that you have this on day one)

There are plenty of types available but two examples are:

Pull Bouy

Equipment is also available at store like Decathlon.

Joining Junior squad is the first step to becoming a competitive swimmer and you will need to keep a regular eye on the website and facebook page for information regarding forthcoming competitions/galas and club events, as well as any session updates.

Once you are part of the competitive squad you will have the chance to take part in various swimming galas. Find out more about the different types of competition here.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact either one of the coaches on coaches@seaclosesc.co.uk or a committee member at the pool.