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Officials – Volunteering and Training


There are many different types of competitions from club championships, whole Island Championships, inter-club galas and broader swimming leagues.

One thing that is common to all of these is the need for people to help officiate the competitions. This is all covered by volunteers, and we are grateful for everyone that gives up their time to help, but without the right amount of officials we cannot  run the competitions. Current guidelines recommend 14 officials per competition as a minimum to cover Referee, Starters, Stroke and Turn Judges and Timekeepers.

The more officials we have available the easier it is to cover the events. 

Training and support for officials is provided through Swim England  – Courses for Officials and Volunteers (swimming.org)

The first step into helping officiate is Timekeeping – the training for this is a simple 1 hr online training course so there is no large commitment in time. (Swimming Technical Officials; Timekeeping)

If you are are then interested in taking on more roles you can learn to be a Judge, Starter or at the top level a referee. 

If you would be interested in finding out more please send us your details and ask any questions here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/Q55XW2D  . We’d be happy to hear from anyone but if you are a member of another club you may wish to speak to the coaches or committee at your own club.

It would be fantastic to have a greater pool of people that can help, you can become a part of the swimming community, support Island swimmers and enjoy being part of some fantastic swimming events.