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Seaclose Swimming Club – Welcome


Covid-19 Information – Update 4th September 2020

As we are still unable to use the changing rooms, and with the return of schools it has been difficult to for swimmers to be able to complete sessions and get to school. Therefore we have agreed that for September we will move to Evening sessions during the week.

Full, and important details available here – September 2020 Squads arrangements

About the Club

Seaclose Swimming Club is a registered charity, run completely by volunteers, based on the Isle of Wight. The club offers swimming at all levels from beginners, starting from 4 years old, through to competitive squads and masters swimming. All squads and lessons take place at Medina Leisure Centre.


Lessons are split into 6 levels, with level 1 for beginners through to level 6 for the highest level before swimmers can move into the competitive squads. Level 1-3 of lessons are held on Sunday mornings from 08:30 to 09:30 in half hour blocks. Levels 4-6 are held on Saturday mornings from 08:00-09:30.  All lessons are taught by qualified teachers and supported by pool helpers. 

Find out more about lessons here.


Seaclose Swimming Club has three main squads, Junior Squad, Pre-senior and Senior squads. There are a number of sessions throughout the week both in mornings and evenings. There are three main Island based competitions each year that our comptetive swimmers work towards, the Club Championships (Seaclose swimmers competing against each other), the Isle of Wight Sprints and the Isle of Wight Championships (both of which are organised by Seaclose Swimming Club open to all clubs on the Island). There are also a number of swimming competitions on the mainland including inter-club gala’s such as the Rother League, various open meets, and County and Regional Championships. The squads are taught by a team of qualified coaches with a range of backgrounds and skills offering a very good rounded coaching experience.

Find out more about the competitive squads here.


Seaclose swimming club has always been supported and run wholly by volunteers. We believe as a result everyone involved in the club is passionate about, and committed to delivering the best lessons, squads and opportunities for swimmers on the Island. It also allows us to keep our costs as some of the lowest in the country. There are lots of jobs that need doing, many of the small, but if you feel you could give some time to support the club in any capacity please contact us.

Find out more about volunteering with the club here.