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Upcoming Open Meets – September and October 2018

Val will be coordinating entries for the following open meets – all information to be provided by the specified dates via openmeets@seaclosesc.co.uk
Sept 22nd/23rd Hampshire County Open/junior meet L2 see qualifying times http://www.swimmeets.org . Closing date to openmeets@seaclosesc.co.uk by Sun 9th Sept
Sept 23rd Littlehampton L3 meet http://www.littlehamptonswimmingclub.com  Closing date – before the Summer break – entries to Val via openmeets@seaclosesc.co.uk by Sunday July 29th
Sept 29th James Moreno Southampton L2 Home – City of Southampton Swimming Club closing date to Val via openmeets@seaclosesc.co.uk by 5th September however this is popular so the sooner the better for entries.
Oct 7th Rushmoor Royals L3 SC meet https://uk.teamunify.com  closing date to openmeets@seaclosesc.co.uk by 16th September.