Club Captains


Role Description

The Club Captains are the link between Seaclose Swimming Club’s Committee and the swimmers. They help the Club develop through representing the views of the swimmers and assist in providing advice and guidance from a swimmer’s perspective.

The Club Captains will:

• Be a positive role model for all members.

• Welcome new members and encourage them to become involved in social and voluntary activities at Seaclose Swimming Club.

• Be a person that all swimmers can contact and talk to about any concerns or questions they may have and provide support and advice where needed.

• Have the opportunity to attend the club’s committee meetings to represent Seaclose Swimming Club swimmer’s views.

• Assist the coaching staff at club competitions, galas, open meets and other competitions.

• Work closely with the vice captain in discussing all matters.

• Volunteer their time and efforts for Seaclose Swimming Club where necessary.

Required Attributes

• Excellent communicator. • Positive role model. • Ability to seek and represent the views of others. • Knowledge of Isle of Wight swimming, the coaches and swimmers.

The Vice Captains will stand in for the Captains where the Captains are unavailable.

Closing date for applications will be the 18th October


Application for club captains:

Club Captain Application

A good Guide for Club Captains:

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